Next Saturday, time begins anew, as the Global ‘football’ season starts up again for the 2012/13 campaign. The new calendar year might start on January 1st, but the ‘attention New Year’ begins as Summer ends, and Autumn begins. This is the time when institutions like ‘school’ start anew, and for adults, ‘vacation time’ (Summer) is over, and it is ‘time to get back to work.’ Concurrently, the ‘sports’ calendar begins again, with both global football (soccer) and American football starting their new seasons.

So, these are the starting-dates for the big 5 Football leagues in Europe:


The popularity of the big 5 European Football leagues is roughly in this order: England , Spain, Italy, and then a toss-up between France and Germany.  Football play commences in England and Spain on the same day:  Saturday, August 18th 2012. It begins one week later in both Germany and Italy. Football begins in France the earliest of all:  Friday, August 10, 2012. This is important from an attention standpoint for one reason only: Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Without going into some sort of in-depth explanation of PSG’s history, I’ll give a brief overview of what PSG is, and what it means attentionally:

Paris Saint-Germain is a ‘football club’ based in the outskirts of Paris, France, one of the largest cities in the European Union. Paris  is also one of the most ‘glamorous’ cities in Europe, being the birthplace of the ‘Fashion’ industry. Football is the most glamorous sport in the world. PSG was  taken over in 2011 by an investment consortium based in Qatar, and, according to wikipedia, ‘….became the richest club in France and one of the richest clubs in the world.[16]

In other words, Paris Saint-Germain football club has just recently gone from a relatively ignorable, to an incredibly attention-grabbing institution in the attention wave of global football. Glamor and wealth make one hard to resist in the transitional period from industrial-to-attention economy – just ask Ms. Kardashian.

File:Kim Kardashian 2011.jpg

Or, you can ask Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the most-recent ‘player’ (performer) procured by the newly-fashionable club from Paris, one of football’s most popular performers:

The new Qatari owners of Paris Saint-Germain football club clearly understand how to operate effectively in an attention era, and how to use their immense wealth in a way that can bring attention to bear on themselves. It is a tried-and-true formula: Location (in this case, Paris); Platform (global football) ; Star Performers (players like Ibrahimovic). It is all an attention scam; this adventure by  Qatar Investment Authority has nothing to do with ‘profits’, only attention.

And I will use my knowledge of this fact to launch my own attention scam that will piggyback on the attention PSG receives in the near future. I’ll utilize the platforms familiar to me – blogs, youtube channels, etc – with content devoted to events related to the club, confident that it will succeed, if only because I’m sure that I’m an early-adopter of the PSG-wave. It’s attention-scamming to the 3rd-power; the level at which you create something out of nothing. The fact that the French league has an entire week head-start on its more traditionally-popular counterparts around Europe sweetens the deal immensely (cue wicked laughter).

I had been thinking the entire Summer – since PSG signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic – that this event was the biggest ‘story’ of the football off-season. the Qatar Investment Authority  has made big waves in the short time it has controlled the fate of Paris Saint-Germain, raising the profile of the historic club astronomically. Starting next week, I’ll be looking to latch onto the tail of the PSG comet (cue wicked laughter)…….