Ha Ha! Labor Day – the unofficial end of Summer –  has passed, and that  means it is now ‘Autumn’. School has started back, Summer vacations have ended for most, and the world’s ‘clock’ starts again. Tonight,  football season commences, as  the NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys kick off the  first game of the 2012 NFL regular season tonight. I might watch that, might not. I no longer tell time by the start of college and pro football. To me,  this time of year is what I call, ‘Attention Season’.

And I am very excited.Why?

Because, it was almost exactly one year ago that I became enthralled by the concept of attention, thanks to the ‘Occupy’ movement, and the windfall of insight it provided into the current zeitgeist of America, and (to a lesser extent) the world, in terms of attention.  ‘The Attention Wave’ owes its existence to the grand, spectacular attention scam that the ‘Occupy’ movement was. By the look of things, it would not be unwise to expect some sort of reprisal of Occupy’s hooplah this year, a reunion of sorts to generate a modicum of excitement for the media. In southern-but-rather-liberal Charlotte, N.C., things are already getting warmed up for the movement:

It isn’t New York, or Oakland, or even D.C., but the Charlotte, N.C. ‘Occupy’ movement is setting the stage for what I expect to be a series of spectacular attention scams coordinated across the country by ‘Occupy’, aimed at ‘the establishment’. And, barring some more pressing spontaneous attention waves surfacing that could ‘steal their thunder’, the Occupy movement – and whatever zany antics they produce nationwide – will once again take center stage in the eyes of the media. For, if nothing else, the  ‘Occupy’ brand is still recognized, and still resonates (we are the 99% !) even if fewer people are willing to actually buy into it.

The Attention Wave will  present a series of articles over the next month that will  provide an in-depth analysis of the ‘Occupy’ phenomenon of last year, from the first day of protests -9/17/2011 – until the military-style police raid on Zuccotti Park ( 11/15/2011) that effectively killed the movement off. The Attention Wave will also touch on the other issues/events that sprouted from ‘Occupy’, including the spreading of the movement from lower Manhattan to other parts of the country and world; the media’s handling of the movement; the importance of social media to the movement; and even the issue of whether or not ‘Occupy’ was little more than a big, elaborate ‘con’ game. Exciting stuff, I assure thee. Stay tuned……..