This Kate Middleton attention wave intrigues me. No, I’m not particularly interested in viewing photos of the Duchess of Cambridge topless ( for anyone who is, here’s a download link to the 800 kb’s of Middletone jpg’s  from a torrent site) , but I can feel that this wave is important. The ‘Middleton’ wave is all about ogling an attractive woman’s tits one the most basic level. That’s the boring level, which is sure to die just as quickly as it took off. 


There is a second level to the attention wave that is ‘Kate Middleton’ , that has nothing to do with the persons involved in this rather trivial affair, and that is the sheer glamor of what the characters in this drama represent. Who are the characters of the ‘Kate Middleton’ attention wave, and what do they represent?


Silvio Berlusconi, The Bad Guy

Closer published 14 of the photos of a partially clad Kate in its pages on Friday. On Monday, Italian magazine Chi published a 26-page spread of the images. Chi, like Closer, is part of the Italian publishing house Mondadori, owned by former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge


The photos in question show the Duchess of Cambridge relaxing during a holiday at a private villa in Provence, in southern France, sometimes without her bathing suit top and, in one case, her suit bottom partially pulled down to apply sun screen. They were sharing a “healthy and profoundly intimate” moment when a photographer took the images. The situation was “deeply personal.”

The British Royal Family

Lawyers for Britain’s royal family will make a criminal complaint against the photographer who took pictures of Prince William’s wife Kate sunbathing topless in the south of France.

The Irish Daily Star

Irish tabloid the Irish Daily Star published more topless photos of Kate over the weekend.
Michael O’Kane
Independent Star, the company which owns the Irish Daily Star, said Monday that Michael O’Kane had been suspended as editor and an internal inquiry had been launched.
Justice Minister Alan Shatter

in Ireland, Justice Minister Alan Shatter said Monday that the country planned to introduce new privacy laws after the Irish Daily Star newspaper published the topless photographs of the princess.

 Delphine Pando , Closer’s lawyer

Pando, the lawyer for Closer, asked the court to throw out the royal demand, arguing that the rights to the photos belong to an agency

— which sold their use to Closer. She did not give the price.

 Aurelien Hamelle, the Royal couple’s lawyer

Hamelle told the court that he is seeking euro5,000 ($6,550) in damages from Closer and an injunction forcing the magazine to stop publication elsewhere, including on the Internet. He also asked the court to fine Closer euro10,000 ($13,100) a day for each day the injunction is not respected, and euro100,000 ($131,000) if the photos are sold in France or abroad.

 Alfonso Signorini, the Editor of Chi Magazine
Alfonso Signorini told The Associated Press over the weekend that he didn’t fear legal action since the photos are already in the public domain following Closer’s publication.
The court in Nanterre, outside Paris
NANTERRE, France –  A French court will rule Tuesday on a request by a lawyer for Prince William and his wife Kate to block further publication of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge taken while the couple shared what he described as a deeply intimate moment on holiday.


The ‘Kate Middleton’ wave is a wave that one is meant to have fun with. It is nothing but sheer glamor and drama – just look at the handsomeness of the lawyers, much less the royals. It will come and go quite quickly, I think. The pictures will be downloaded and viewed by millions of anonymous folks in cyberspace. The Nanterre court’s decision on the morrow will result in a victory for one side or another. And the wave will fade away, since there is little means by which it can be extended from the royals’ end. That’s actually not true. For had the British Royal family kept their mouths shut as this wave began to rise, it would have mostly come-and-gone as another ‘whoopsy’ type ‘naked body parts’ wave, much like the Minka Kelly sex tape, or the Alison Pill Twitter gaffe. Cyberspace is well-versed in how to consume such news.


But in their desire to protect their chaste image (or simply make their presence and supposed power felt) , the royals have created a big dust up in the media that has brought a host of international characters – mostly from the media world – into the attention-sphere. It could very well turn out that they will regret it, especially if the Nanterre court’s decision goes against them. Then, the royals will not only have fought for nothing; they will have embarrassed themselves in a way which could have been avoided by ignoring the publications of the pictures. The Royal family has turned this affair into an international drama. It remains to be seen how they, and their antagonists perform…………