Chang W. Lee/The New York Times


Two days ago, I wrote that the rally staged by Americans for Prosperity would get a decent amount of attention. I was wrong. The event was utterly ignored by the media, and has since vanished without a trace. If images of resistance were the bastion of Occupy, the paltry amount of them sparked by the rally in Midtown yesterday is testament to just how lame the thing was. It was, essentially, a useless gesture on the part of a handful of rich Republicans.






The failure of the AFP rally to get any attention has implications for the upcoming Presidential election. The implications are that Republicans are totally out of touch with the ‘average’ American, who may not be as far to the left as Occupy, but are certainly not as far to the right as the Tea Party and the Republicans. The average American is somewhere in the middle, and – as the donations to Occupy showed – is probably more sympathetic to the ideals of the Left.


And so, the Americans for Prosperity attention scam joins a long list of stunts that the Right has performed, that have done little more than induce Americans – and the world – to shake their heads, in pity of the Republican party and how low their popularity has sunk among the under-50 population.