Lindsay Lohan is an idiot! She’s a ‘wack a doo’ ; ‘nasty’ ; ‘she be trippin’; we’re ‘so sick’ of her! Such is the banter that has flown nonstop through the Twittersphere in relation to the young actresses’ latest drama:  a ballyhoo with some Congressional staffer over a phone.  I suppose details are still emerging in this event, but it is clear that whatever those details might be, any intelligent discourse about Lohan and what is obviously a problematic life has become of little interest to those in the attention-sphere. Both consumers (tweeters) and producers (websites) of content related to Lohan in this event have simplified the woman’s ‘narrative’ down to either straight ‘facts’ or negative commentary. Lindsay Lohan –  a young actress who many Americans probably scratch their heads trying to figure out what she is actually famous for – has seen her narrative boiled down to this in the media: she’s an idiot. Her fans (if she has any) are also idiots. Thus, any sort of ‘news’ the woman generates get relegated to what I’ve dubbed, the ‘Idiotsphere’. This is what that world looks like.


Even in the ‘Top’ Tweets, published by the ‘pro’ micro-bloggers of the Twittersphere, the latest in the trainwreck saga that is Lindsay Lohan’s young life has gotten the same treatment. Major news outlets such as Vanity Fair, Perez Hilton,E! Online and the Huffington Post find little value in being in any way supportive of the woman.

It’s the same story in the general attention-sphere: Google search box. Across all of the major avenues of attention, from Twitter to Google searches, the Lindsay Lohan narrative is being given the ‘idiot’ treatment: facts and lighthearted spin, but nothing else.

Which means that in the eyes of the media, a world in which Lohan’s life has been a performance – far more than she herself has been an ‘actress’ – the young woman’s primary value is as an object of scorn. And media personalities who become objects of scorn have a habit of ending up objects America will soon mourn……


After all, hasn’t this  narrative been played out numerous times before?