There are a number of ‘positions’ available in the emerging attention economy. One such position is what is called a ‘Screen Recorder.’

My blogs, all of which are attention scams, cover two avenues of attention-seeking: sports (entertainment), and current event. The Attention Wave fits into the latter category. Footy Logic, NBA Rundown, Two-Five Rundown, and Footy Rundown are examples of the former.

I had intended to watch as well as screen record some of the action in the UEFA Champions League (European Football’s most important competition), in particular the matches in which clubs I had previously written about, or could write about in the future, would be playing. Three matches on today’s Champions League schedule fit that criteria. My screen recordings would be edited, and I would compile videos / images of the games, for to release online in a form that would be consumed and shared by the attention-sphere. I’ve done this sort of thing many times. It’s quite simple.

As it turned out, I was unable to catch any of the Champions League matches today, and thus have not a kb of personally-generated imagery from any of the games. And I have had very little luck finding other users who – thinking along the same wavelength as I am – had recorded, edited ,and uploaded anything from the games. This will likely change in the future, but I’m impatient. I want the data now, because I want to piggyback on these events -and possibly monopolize the attention it generates – by being one of the first persons to shout into the ether ‘hey, look what I’ve got!’ in a way that stands out. It’s easy to stand out when one is at the front of the line, no?

But I would take being number two, or ten, if only there were others in the attention-sphere who could be relied upon to consistently provide a particular service to attention-scammers such as myself. A service such as screen recording live events as they unfold online, through the many perfectly-legal (and not-so-legal) streaming sites in the web. The ‘recorders’ would then create an exportable version of the data, and put it into the web through a cloud storage/sharing site, or even provide p2p transfers to a number of ‘clients’ in a sort of door-to-door exchange. Such a service would be much appreciated, and I urge readers to consider it…….